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Moneta Rundales novads


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Each country is characterized by its own traditions, language, culture, places and things with which it is proud of - castles and manor houses, cathedrals and churches, museums and historical monuments, parks and gardens, fauna and flora, traditional cultural events and festivals. These things enjoy and appreciate both local residents and foreign visitors.

National Heritage souvenir coin* allows everyone to keep the memory of what they saw and experienced, which is expressed in the form of a coin. Each souvenir coin is unique because a symbol of the certain place is displayed on the front of the coin and it can be purchased at this site or during the event. 

„Heritage on a Coin” is the largest souvenir coin network in the world. At the moment 40 countries are a part of this network, int. al. Latvia – since 2006. The latest information on all souvenir coins is published and regularly updated by the project creator and implementer - the Belgian mint Mauquoy Token Company – on Souvenir coins are forged from high quality metals, in silver or gold color. Additional information about the site or event is also published on the webpage. Hence participation in the project promotes international recognition. 

Our goal in Latvia is to cover the most memorable sites of Latvia by creating a wonderful souvenir coin for each such site.
The collection reflects the yesterday, today and tomorrow of Latvia! 

Reverse side of the coin is common to all Latvian collection coins: 

MantojumsUzMonetasOLD2006  MantojumsUzMonetasNEW2017   
Year 2006-2016    Since year 2017  

Coins are made of: copper, nickel and zinc alloy, corrosion-resistant 
Coin diameter: 31.00 mm  
Coin thickness: 2.25 mm  
Coin edge: serrated

*National Heritage souvenir coins cannot be used as a means of payment.

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