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Smiltene district

Smiltene district is one of the most densely forested places in Latvia. It is also one of the most Latvian regions, not only in terms of the population, but also in terms of Latvian identity and strengthening the sense of belonging by honoring and nurturing ancient cultural traditions of Smiltene district through the always active cultural life - folk dances, choir singing, drama and crafts, as well as active sports life - autocross, cycling marathons, orienteering and much more. Cultural and historical heritage, traditions, craft skills constitute a Latvian environment, which is one of the most important values of the district.
Smiltene district emblem portrays a blue cornflower with nine petals on a gold background. The flower symbolizes all regions - Smiltene city and eight surrounding parishes - Bilska, Blome, Branti, Grundzāle, Launkalne, Palsmane, Smiltene and Variņi.The total area of the Smiltene district is 946,1 km2. The population – 13385 (on January 1, 2015). Administrative center of the district is the city of Smiltene and it is located 132km away from Riga - the capital of Latvia. Distance from the Estonian border is 40km and 90km from the Russian border. 

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