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Latvian Railway

The first Latvian railway line built from Riga to Daugavpils was opened in September 1861. On 5 August 1919 Central Board of Latvian Railways was legally established. That day was a birthday of Latvian Railway. 
At the beginning of 21st century Concern Latvian Railway has becomeone of the most successful companies in the country providing international passenger and freight transportation. 
The Latvian Railway history museum was founded on August 30, 1994, along with the establishment of its two branches in Riga and Jelgava. There are more than a thousand items, documents and photographs in the museum collection. Communications and signalling equipment, tools and instruments of railroad repairmen, uniforms and distinguishing badges, station interior objects, tickets and delivery notes are all on display. Station buildings and railway bridges built during the time of first Republic of Latvia, the history of the railway evolution in Riga city, as well as Latvian Railway personnel are shown in the exhibited documents and photographs.

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