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Kandava - 2017

Kandava is a beautiful town in Kurland which charms with ancient architecture, cobbled streets, lanterns, mountainous relief and wonderful scenery. The city is located in the Abava Valley, 94 km from Riga, the Abava River flows through it. For the first time Kandava was mentioned in recorded history in 1230.
The name of Kandava is associated with the green nature, thinking and business environment- key industries are wood processing, agriculture, cattle-breeding and green tourism. The region is proud of its schools, strong sports and cultural traditions. Region has always been active in sports life. Celebrations take place in Kandava city and parishes as well as sports festivals with a variety of amusement and team games.
The name of Kandava is also associated with the art. Art plenaries have taken place in summer in Kandava for more than twenty years. Their theme and content are changing and expanding each year. New art objects are created in the city during these plenaries that perfectly improve the charm of the provincial town Kandava.
Kandava is proud of the oldest stone bridge in Latvia and during the Duke times constructed Powder Tower, as well as the newly created Promenade with seven bridges. The Promenade is created as a place of recreation for adults and children. It is thought about newly married couples- according to the wedding traditions seven bridges have been built over the stream in the area of the Promenade. Thus Kandava is the only place in Latvia where seven bridges are located in one place. A sculpture in the form of an acorn is situated in the centre of the Promenade. A symbol of Kandava -an acorn dominates in the whole area of the Promenade- seven acorns, which tell about the history of the city, are located on the edges of the paved footpathes.
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