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Jaunpils Municipality is a place, where your trip starts in Kurzeme. It is the place, where the medieval and modern epoch comes together under the wing of the great castle. It is the place that does not stop to surprise its visitors, the place proudly called as their home by the inhabitants of Jaunpils. 

The romantic, enclosed with legends Jaunpils Castle, built in 1301 as the fortress of the Livonian Order, and kept its initial appearance till nowadays, rises proudly surrounded by some flat hills in the circle of ponds. More than 350 years the palace was inhabited by fon der Recke strain.
Novadays together with monks, jesters, lords of manor and servants you will have possibility to become a real medieval hero.
Every year on second Saturday of August Jaunpils Castle hosts the Medieval Festival in Jaunpils Castle.  

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Jaunpils Castle
Pils, Jaunpils, Jaunpils novads, Latvia
Tel. (+371) 63107082
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